Dr. Daniel Oliveira Matos

He is a lawyer experts in Tax Law and Business Law, with twelve (12) years of experience and forensic study, working in the following fields: Tax Law, Civil-Business Law, Criminal Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law, Banking Law and Labor Law, in a preventive and contentious manner, always aiming at the defense of the related clients.

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The present professional has the following academic development:


– Graduated in Law from the Radial University Center – Estácio de Sá Participações;
– Expert in Tax Law from the Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU);
– Expert in Tax Accounting by São Judas interrupted;
– Expert in Business Law from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU);
– Expert in Civil Procedure by ESA / OAB;
– Graduating in Economic Sciences from UNICSUL; and
– Experting in Civil Law by Mackenzie.


He has vast knowledge and experience in the fields of Tax Law, Banking Law and Corporate Law, since he has countless legal publications at Publishing Company Saraiva, and Juridical Magazines (Legal Scope, AJDD, Dom Helder Câmara, among others), as well as seminars given in these fields of law in which he is a experts. In addition, he was a professor of Tax Law at the SENAC / SP University Center, teaching the discipline “Accessory Bonds” for technical courses.


It should be noted that it works especially with the production of economic-tax legal theses in order to reduce the financial burden incurred by taxpayers and tax officials, due to the tax burden.


In addition, Doctor Daniel Oliveira Matos has 04 (four) years of experience and specific knowledge on the Financial Market, since he is a technical-graphic analyst of the Stock Market since January 2008, analyzing in particular the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA), which is why it advises and advises investors / clients on financial transactions carried out at the secondary counter.


It should be noted that in November 2011 he was invited by the North American website FOREXPROS (Financial Markets Worldwide), currently Investing, to integrate the body of graphic analysts, where he published weekly analyzes in the “Stock Market” session, and gave biweekly seminars related to the Stock Market, requesting removal from office in May / 2012.


Finally, he notices that this lawyer constantly publishes articles and teaches seminars in order to contribute to legal and financial developments, contributing to the country’s legal heritage.


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